Who Is BEHCA for?

BEHCA is for any family, agency, organization, home or any place supporting another person who expresses or experiences challenging or complex behavior. This may include individuals who experience life with a disability, individuals who struggle with developing skills, individuals who may receive the influencers within the environment around them as painful/agitating/difficult to process, or young children who are expressing more challenging behaviors without any disability or otherwise specified reason.

BEHCA is a tool that allows and encourages reflection, analyzing of influencing factors throughout our day and a view into potential patterns impacting the overall quality of life of those we love and support. This tool was designed with the idea of creating a simple tool that can be fully customizable, while tracking and analyzing at a complex level. We feel this tool could positively influence anyone who uses it, as the goal is to become more aware and reflective of the relationships between health, environment and overall reactions/responses to such information.