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"I have been so impressed by how easy it is to set up and for clients to use. I’m particularly impressed that I can quickly be updated with what’s happening with every client on a daily basis in a matter of minutes. This means that I can respond with support much more quickly. For example, today I was alerted using @Anne that a child’s behaviour escalated. I could read the comments, and get back to the client within the hour and we figured out the behaviour was because of a headache."
Anne Dobson
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Behavior is Communication

Even Without Words

Person Centered

Collaborate and support as a united care team

HIPAA Platform

Secure, encrypted cloud data application

User Friendly

For yourself, your staff and your client's team

Med Monitoring

Electronic medication administration tracking

Continuum Of Care

Understand environmental and health related influences

What we do best

The ONLY Behavior Analysis Tool You Will Ever Need

Deliver a ‘living’ and interactive behavior support plan: client is better supported, care team is empowered, and billable time is streamlined through incorporating the BEHCA app.

Accelerate the quality of outcomes for your client through allowing them to be more fully seen and understood.

Stop Over Medicating

Clearly Demonstrate Efficacy Of Interventions

Establish effective medication support levels based on observed data trends and holistic behavioral timeline.

At home and community based observation data presents a holistic view of an individual and allows for timely med adjustments based on data, not opinions.

Empower Your Clients

Breakthroughs Come When Everyone is Informed and Heard

Self-reporting gives a voice back to your clients and fosters a method for direct engagement with their support team.

Get notified when a client is in crisis and automatically review all documented data - on your phone, tablet or computer.

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