About Us

Who we are and how BEHCA came to be.

The BEHCA Mission:

See Beyond Behavior

BEHCA has been designed to support our clients in meeting those they support/care for where they are. Our software was created with a focus on being “person-centered”, including the idea that not every person is going to see behavior in the same way, nor will they track or log data in a similar way. We have – and continue to – carefully, thoughtfully, and with our customer feedback, build a tool that supports the professionals, families, and the person experiencing more challenging dynamics (resulting in challenging/complex behavior).

Our Vision:

Unite - Empower - Thrive

To have BEHCA positively influence users around the world in seeing challenging and complex behaviors as an extension of communication, rather than a personal experience, increasing the quality of life for those expressing through behavior.

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Our Story:

In 2013, co-founders Torri Wright and Michael Krol partnered with the intent to help parents and professionals learn the language of behavior and shift how we have been approaching behavior change. Torri, previously a Special Education teacher transitioned to an independent behavior consultant, was frustrated at the manual attempt to track students’ behavior and environmental information on paper and excel spreadsheets. The laborious task was too much to ask in this busy world, while the incredibly useful data would solve much of the unknown around the complexities with challenging behavior in schools as well as in homes.

Michael, the owner of a custom software application company, supported Torri’s philosophy, experience, and knowledge and joined her to build BEHCA. The pair developed the areas that should be tracked as it relates to behavior so it can be decoded and understood—in real-time, with all the professionals caring for your child.

The passion for understanding behavior, and seeing the meaning behind it, inspired the creation of BEHCA. It is a tool that promotes mindfulness, increases observational skills, and, through practice, teaches the variables influencing behavior. Behavior is simply a language, and BEHCA offers translation and identifies trends or patterns otherwise missed. This practice, in turn, shifts your perspective on how it can help you improve communication and connection with those you serve.

Meet The Leadership Team

Torri Wright
Founder & CEO

Michael Krol
Co-Founder & CTO

Zach Sample
Director of Customer Success, Ops

Our BEHCA Ambassadors

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