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Decoding the language of behavior, with observation and data tracking.

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Thousands of Families, Support Staff and Care Providers depend on BEHCA 24/7

The ease of use for this product is amazing. The option to customize just what you need makes data entry faster. This gives you more time working with the individual, not sitting behind a keyboard. The customizability also lets the product grow with your needs. We switched [to BEHCA] because of all the time we saved!

Dr Jessica L

(Forensic Psychologist)
I have been so impressed by how easy it is to set up and for clients to use. I’m particularly impressed that I can quickly be updated with what’s happening with every client on a daily basis in a matter of minutes. This means that I can respond with support much more quickly. For example, today I was alerted using @Anne that a child’s behaviour escalated. I could read the comments, and get back to the client within the hour and we figured out the behaviour was because of a headache.

Anne D

(NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner)
I am absolutely enthralled with this application. It is so person centered and clearly paints a picture of the days our residents have. Never in my career have I used a program so well designed for behavior tracking.

Scout K

(House Manager)
Helpful for every moment. I prefer this over Therap. Tracking both positive and negative behavior support.

Tammie G

(Direct Support Professional)
I love being able to see all the ups and downs of our residents' behavior, as well as the strategies used by staff around those behaviors. It is truly person-centered, showing their entire day. Not JUST the negative behaviors like many other behavior-tracking programs.

Justine L

(House Manager)

Discover deep insight into why behaviors exist

See Beyond Behavior

See beyond behaviors with an understanding into influences of intensity, duration and frequency.

Increase Intervention Efficacy

Offers a way to test interventions + track over time to identify patterns and trends including medication and other variables.

Liability Protection

Provides liability protection for foster, group-home and residential with push notifications and built-in oversight for mediations + incident reports.

Collaboration Of Supporting Adults

An effective way for teams to eliminate cross-talk, limit miscommunication and increase consistency.

Holistic Tracking

A customized tracking tool to meet the needs of those who often experience a world of being misunderstood. 

Truly Person Centered

Supports a true person-centered view - increasing consistency of intervention implementation and language among care providers.

Mobile App

Behavior Tracking While On-The-Move

Our iOS and Android apps are optimized for a superior mobile experience, allowing you to track behavior and medical data as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day.

SEE BEYOND... with Torri Wright

Behavior, Emotions and More!

Discover the rich and potent world of behavior with 25 year behavior specialist, special education teacher and BEHCA founder: Torri Wright

  • See Beyond Behavior & Emotions (Book Series)
  • Professional Workshops 
  • Masterclasses and Certifications