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Behavior Environment Health Comparative Analysis

It's a science-based and holistic approach to better understanding the purpose of behavior change. BEHCA uses data-driven insights to make the connection between how environment and health impact behaviors.

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Take the guesswork out of behavioral assessments
by putting data insights at the center.

Collect data on a daily basis related to a person’s behavior, environment, and overall health. Weather and location-specific data is collected automatically, allowing for a full spectrum of comparisons.
Customize the type of data you are tracking specific to their individual behavior. No two individuals are exactly alike, so their behavior profiles shouldn't be either.
Invite other collaborators (teachers, providers, etc) who can also enter data throughout the day. This gives everyone a "full story" of events throughout the day, and empowers parents and caregivers to be informed participants on the care team.
Review a series of data visualizations which show correlations between environmental, health, daily living variables, and behavior, making situational events and triggers of behavior more visible and tangible.

BEHCA has had an absolute positive impact on our entire family. We were so busy before BEHCA, trying to just handle escalations, we were missing vital information. BEHCA has given us the opportunity to see trends, patterns, and outside influences that we were unable to track before.

I knew that we wanted to see patterns, but before BEHCA it was just too much to add to our already long daily to-do list. With BEHCA our process is so much easier! The impact that this software has had for us is priceless.

BEHCA has also proven to be a highly valuable tool for IEP meetings, therapist sessions, as well as many other educational and professional settings. BEHCA is hands-down THE best app that we have ever used to track data for our special needs child.

- Dr. Jessica L


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