Release Notes

Here's what we've been up to!

Release History

    v4.0.9 11/03/2021
  • BUG FIX Improved handling of adding new behaviors
    v4.0.8 10/21/2021
  • IMPROVEMENT Improvements to staff management
    v4.0.7 10/06/2021
  • BUG FIX Fixed an issue that could prevent Self Reporting users from logging into the mobile app
    v4.0.6 10/04/2021
  • BUG FIX Fixed an issue that could prevent Staff users from logging into the mobile app
    v4.0.5 9/29/2021
  • IMPROVEMENT Improvements to inviting and managing Staff members and Groups
    v4.0.4 9/23/2021
  • IMPROVEMENT Add further clarity to the Staff signup process
    v4.0.3 5/20/2021
  • IMPROVEMENT Updates to the BEHCA API for mobile app support
    v4.0.2 4/30/2021
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved cache refresh for data displayed on the dashboard
    v4.0.1 4/14/2021
  • BUG FIX Threw in a quick bug fix from the initial release
    v4.0.0 4/14/2021
  • NEW You can now configure multiple locations or classrooms (Groups) on your Small Provider (and higher) account
  • NEW Organize profiles you are tracking into one or more of the new Groups
  • NEW Organize staff members and their permissions in one place and assign them to individual profiles and Groups
  • NEW Providers and Schools can now customize their account by adding their logo and organization name
  • NEW Switch between multiple organizations you have been invited to
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved permissions for MAR and IR Tracking across staff and invited users
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved dashboard performance when viewing large amounts of data
    v3.8.3 12/17/2020
  • IMPROVEMENT Updates to the BEHCA API for mobile app support
    v3.8.2 11/24/2020
  • IMPROVEMENT Updates to the BEHCA API for mobile app support
    v3.8.1 11/19/2020
  • IMPROVEMENT Updates to the BEHCA API for mobile app support
  • IMPROVEMENT Changed Daily Entry to Track and Dashboard to Analyze for ease of use and to match with new mobile app
  • BUG FIX Fixed an issue with the account nav on tablets
    v3.8.0 11/10/2020
  • NEW MAR Medication Tracking now includes counting narcotics for states that require it
  • NEW MAR change history can now be tracked and approved on the new MAR Review panel
  • NEW Added the ability to track Blood Pressure and display it on MAR Reports
  • NEW Added a new Notifications panel to easily review team @mentions, Incident Reports, and other important notifications
  • IMPROVEMENT Exports and PDF Downloads are now handled as a background process to avoid timeouts when large amounts of data are requested
  • IMPROVEMENT PRN Medications now display a reminder to add Outcome and Effectiveness
  • IMPROVEMENT Updated the Dashboard Health graph to display all medications that were administered on a given day
  • BUG FIX General Notes now removes pasted formatting which could cause various issues
    v3.7.0 8/24/2020
  • NEW MAR Medication Tracking is now sorted and displayed by administration time
  • NEW MAR Medication input now integrates with the U.S. FDA Medication database
  • NEW MAR Medication Tracking now accepts additional input (reason, outcome, effectiveness) for Refused and PRN medications
  • IMPROVEMENT Weather data on the dashboard is no longer limited to 45 days
  • IMPROVEMENT You can now delete archived profiles in compliance with the CCPA
  • IMPROVEMENT Overall Trend graph on dashboard has been improved
  • BUG FIX Various bug fixes
    v3.6.1 6/16/2020
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved MAR PDF Export layout
  • BUG FIX Fixed an issue where clicking the link in an email from an Incident Report did not redirect properly to the IR if you were not already logged in
    v3.6.0 6/10/2020
  • NEW Released new backend services for future API integrations and our upcoming iOS and Android app
  • IMPROVEMENT Added shortcuts for customizing data drop-down menus and viewing tracked data on mobile
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved the design for MAR setup and tracked MAR data on the Health tab
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved the design and layout of Dashboard and Incident Report PDF exports
  • BUG FIX Fixed an issue with the session timeout warning
    v3.5.2 1/30/2020
  • NEW Added a new Overall Trend graph to the dashboard
    v3.5.1 12/19/2019
  • NEW Added the ability to re-activate archived profiles
    v3.5.0 12/9/2019
  • NEW Added Apple ID login
  • NEW If an Incident Report is submitted with an 'injury', we now display a message on the Health daily entry tab to ask staff to mark when it is resolved
  • NEW Added PDF exporting for MAR and the Dashboard
  • IMPROVEMENT Updated Self Reporting and global application icons
  • IMPROVEMENT Reversed the Y axis of Dashboard graphs from AM to PM to match the order on Daily Entry
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes and minor design enhancements
    v3.4.0 11/5/2019
  • NEW Personal profiles are now supported for tracking your own emotions!
  • NEW You can now notify a shared user in a note by adding @ and their name (ie @Jane Doe)
  • IMPROVEMENT Seizures has been changed to Health Challenges allowing for any type of recurring health challenge to be tracked
  • NEW Incident Reports now display who was notified and when
  • IMPROVEMENT MAR Report on dashboard has been improved to call out what was inconsistent if medication administered was different than expected
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved signup walkthrough process
    v3.3.0 9/19/2019
  • NEW Added the ability to track daily weight
  • NEW Added "Supporting Documentation" to track BSP, FBA, IEP, 504, ISP, or other important documents
  • IMPROVEMENT Incident Reporting Improvements
    v3.2.1 9/10/2019
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v3.2.0 9/5/2019
  • NEW Provider and School plans include the ability to upload a spreadsheet of individuals/students
  • NEW New auto-complete search field for accounts with more than 5 profiles
  • IMPROVEMENT Changed daily email reminders to be OFF by default
  • IMPROVEMENT A few bug fixes and lots of minor improvements
    v3.1.0 8/13/2019
  • NEW Added configurable MAR table export
    v3.0.1 8/12/2019
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v3.0.0 8/8/2019
  • NEW Introduced MAR (Medication Administration Records) Tracking
  • NEW Introduced Medical Health History, Crisis Safety Plans, and Risk Assessment uploads
  • NEW Introduced Incident Reporting with Supervisor Reviews and PDF exporting
  • NEW Added Roles to shared collaborators
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved photo uploads and cropping library
  • IMPROVEMENT Changed "Recorded Today" panel to be chronological instead of categorized
  • IMPROVEMENT Bug fixes and lots of minor improvements
    v2.6.2 5/8/2019
  • NEW Added the ability to connect comments to individual behaviors
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved the Dashboard to allow inline editing of notes
  • IMPROVEMENT Observable profiles you have been invited to as a provider are now hidden if the account has been canceled or expired
    v2.6.1 4/22/2019
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved automatic logout timer
  • IMPROVEMENT Changed "no data has been tracked" reminder to be sent at 2am local time if no data was tracked for the previous day
  • IMPROVEMENT Fixed an issue on the customized tracking section where the backspace key could accidentally delete a data element
  • IMPROVEMENT New dashboard improvements (set time duration to be displayed)
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.6.0 4/10/2019
  • NEW Introduced major new dashboard update to align with new features from the 2.5.0 release
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.5.0 4/2/2019
  • NEW Introduced new Intervention Strategies data point
  • NEW Introduced new Pre-Crisis Behaviors data point
  • IMPROVEMENT Retired Communication Strategies and Social Interactions to streamline data entry and focus on Interventions: Learn more
  • IMPROVEMENT Removed chat support icon from Daily Entry to avoid conflicts when entering data and moved it to new support section
    v2.4.1 3/11/2019
  • IMPROVEMENT Improvements to iOS PWA app behavior
  • BUG FIX Fixed Google login issue on Android app
    v2.4.0 3/6/2019
  • NEW Separated the site from the platform for easier management
  • NEW Introduced gender-neutral profile options
  • IMPROVEMENT Improvements to payment processing
  • IMPROVEMENT Redesigned account page
  • IMPROVEMENT Various design improvements
    v2.3.1 1/29/2019
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.3.0 1/23/2019
  • NEW Added new backend API to support new mobile apps and 3rd party integrations
  • NEW Introducing themes for self reporting icons
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved responsive (mobile) layout for self reporting
    v2.2.1 8/21/2018
  • NEW Added the ability to update or change an existing credit card
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.2.0 7/24/2018
  • NEW Added the ability to sign up or login with a Facebook or Google account
  • IMPROVEMENT Observable behaviors have been switched back to segmented bar graphs on the Dashboard by popular demand
  • NEW Added the ability to resend an account activation email
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.1.1 6/18/2018
  • IMPROVEMENT Simplify account signup process
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.1.0 6/4/2018
  • NEW Added the option for account owners to edit notes created by others
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved dashboard for easy editing of notes
    v2.0.3 5/31/2018
  • IMPROVEMENT Improvements to promo codes and subscription management
  • IMPROVEMENT Added pricing calculator for Large Providers and Schools
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.0.2 5/22/2018
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.0.1 5/16/2018
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v2.0 5/15/2018
  • NEW New Self-reporting / Emotional Regulation Tracking - allow individuals being tracked to log in and track their own emotions, tolerance level, and more
  • NEW Add the ability to track desirable and challenging behaviors
  • NEW Drag and drop ordering of behavior data points
  • NEW Export data in Excel format
  • NEW New dashboard redesign allowing ALL data points to be compared
  • NEW Add the ability for invited users to edit observable profiles
  • NEW General notes can now be set to private
  • NEW Add Water Intake Tracking
  • IMPROVEMENT Move "Seizures" to the "Health" panel
  • IMPROVEMENT Combine "TV" and "Video Game" time into one field: "Screen Time"
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved plan management
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements
    v1.2.9 2/28/2018
  • NEW Connect to new support platform
  • NEW Improved process for upgrading and proration of accounts
  • BUG FIX Timezone bug fixes
  • IMPROVEMENT Back-end upgrades in preparation of 2.0 version
  • IMPROVEMENT Mobile improvements
    v1.2.8 12/28/2017
  • NEW Add new chat support platform
  • IMPROVEMENT Mobile optimizations
    v1.2.7 10/23/2017
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved tabs design on Daily Entry and Profile
  • IMPROVEMENT Dashboard improvements
  • IMPROVEMENT Change default on login to daily entry instead of dashboard
  • IMPROVEMENT Alert message improvements
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v1.2.6 9/18/2017
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements for mobile
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes
    v1.2.5 9/6/2017
  • IMPROVEMENT Updates to Google Map integration (better support for countries outside the US)
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements
    v1.2.3 8/4/2017
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements and bug fixes
    v1.2.1 7/31/2017
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements and bug fixes
  • BUG FIX Bug fixes for the Edge browser
    v1.2.0 7/17/2017
  • NEW Introducing improved General Notes (you can now enter as many as you like, and see who added them)
  • IMPROVEMENT Usability improvements and bug fixes

Major Milestones

  • 4.0 App Release
  • Completed full rollout of robust MAR tracking features, including FDA integration, MAR Reviews, and counting narcotics
  • 3.0 App Release
  • Major update and streamlining to PBIS behavior data entry and new dashboard for better visualization and data analysis
  • 2.0 App Release
  • First Edition Book Launch
  • Android app launched on Google Play
  • Beta testing complete - First public launch
  • Initial Beta Release
  • Development Begins
  • Storyboarding / Planning Begins