Where did Communications and Social Interactions Go?

In an effort to shift the focus of the data that we are tracking in the Behavior section to really focus on Positive Behavior Intervention, we have removed Communication and Social Interactions in favor of a new method. We are really excited about this update, as it will incorporate tracking Intervention Strategies and how they impact both Desirable and Challenging behavior. Depending on how you are currently tracking data in the Behavior section, this may require some modifications to your profile. Let us explain!!

In the Behavior section, we have made the following changes:

  • Desirable and Challenging Behaviors have been broken into two separate drop-down menus.
  • We have added a new section called Pre-Crisis Behaviors - these are behaviors that often happen before a major meltdown.
  • We have added a new section called Intervention Strategies - these are strategies, like what may be detailed in a Behavior Support Plan, to support individuals and prevent more Challenging behavior.
  • The new Intervention Strategies section is pre-populated with some default data points, like "Behavior Support Plan Strategy" and "Accommodations". As always, these data points are completely customizable in the Profile section for each individual being tracked.

As part of this change, you will also find that two data points are no longer there: Communication and Social Interactions have been retired. Over time, we found that most of these items could really be categorized under Desirable, Pre-Crisis, or Challenging Behavior. For example, "Positive response with peer" is a positive social interaction, but at the core it's really the Desirable Behavior we may be looking for. And now, with Intervention Strategies, we can begin to see how these strategies can work to promote and influence those Challenging Behaviors into Desirable Behaviors!

All of the previous items in Communication and Social Interactions you may have been tracking can now be found on the individual's Profile page. On this page, you can now drag and drop each item into the most appropriate Behavior category. (NOTE: dragging and dropping items is currently only supported on desktop browsers. Phone / tablet support will be coming soon). All data associated with these items will be migrated when you move them to the appropriate Behavior category.

We hope this change will be a major beneficial change for the platform and our customers, so we can all work together to See Beyond Behavior!!