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    Creating a Loving Home as Foster Care Providers

    by Torri Wright | May 14th, 2020

    In this episode, Erin dives into their journey in becoming foster parents to two young children at a time in their lives they were finding a sense of normalcy within supporting a child with Williams Syndrome - a syndrome impacting both physical health and developmental aspects - as well as the challenges that come with becoming a new parent.

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    Meeting Basic Human Needs: COVID-19

    by Torri Wright | April 16th, 2020

    Jessica Swain-Bradway is the executive director for NWPBIS (North West Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) and has a great deal to offer in the way of meeting basic needs at a time it is most critical. Jessica and Torri dive into a conversation about how to best support ourselves and one another during these unprecedented times. We also talk about the importance of relationship and connection between school supports and home.

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    End the Stigma: Autism and Cannabis

    by Torri Wright | March 10th, 2020

    Torri interviews Rhonda Moeller, co-founder of the nonprofit organization WPA4A (Whole Plant Access for Autism). WPA4A is focused on educating families and medical cannabis industry professionals about the science behind & benefits of cannabis for autism, while also helping families understand the complexities of using cannabis as medicine. Because of this, WPA4A has grown to be an amazing support group, giving a place for families to share access to information and connect on just about anything autism-related.

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    Inclusion Practices: Building Community

    by Torri Wright | February 18th, 2020

    ​Torri interviews Jason Hobson, the Director of Student Services in Estacada, OR, about his work and perspective around inclusion and creating a sense of community for families who often experience isolation.

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    A Chat with the Founders of BEHCA

    by Torri Wright | January 24th, 2020

    Learn more about the founders of BEHCA, Torri Wright & Michael Krol, as they talk about the development of BEHCA. This process opened their eyes to learning more about each other's worlds and the fascinating discoveries of human behavior.

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    Shifting Perspectives on Poverty and Behavior

    by Torri Wright | May 29th, 2019

    Did you know that in the United States, 1 in 5 children grow up in poverty? Now imagine being poor and/or homeless, and caring for a child with a developmental disability. Joined by poverty expert, international speaker, and author Dr. Donna Beegle, this episode explores the links between poverty and behavior, challenging our perceptions.

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    Coming to Terms: Advocacy

    by Torri Wright | May 9th, 2019

    ​In this episode, Torri covers Advocacy; the ins-and-outs of what it can look like for both parents and professionals to connect to services, gain school supports, seek community awareness and engagement, and feel an overall sense of belonging.

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    Accessing Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services

    by Torri Wright | April 25th, 2019

    ​Host Torri Wright speaks with Toi Gibson, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services, Multnomah Co., OR, to get an insider's view on accessing social services & supports for your child with a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability.

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    Neurodiversity in the Workplace

    by Torri Wright | April 4th, 2019

    ​Neurodiversity exists everywhere--even at work. In fact, toxic office environments can manifest when people don’t recognize their staff, fellow colleagues, outside partners, etc. may be wired to think or act differently than they do. On this episode, host Torri Wright speaks with Lori Eberly, LCSW, executive coach, author, and owner of Radius ECD to explore neurodiversity in the workplace, and how it can impact both relationships and quality of life.

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    Coming to Terms: Neurodiversity

    by Torri Wright | March 25th, 2019

    In this episode, Torri covers Neurodiversity; a concept where neurological differences (e.g., how we think and process information) are to be acknowledged and respected as any other human variation.