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support for developmental disabilities

Tracking Developmental Milestones: How BEHCA Supports Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

From the first smile of an infant to the first steps, milestones provide valuable insights into an individual's development trajectory. However, for individuals with developmental disabilities, the path to reaching these milestones may be more complex. This is where tracking…

Autism Awareness Month

Promoting Inclusion, Fostering Understanding: BEHCA’s Role as an Autism Behavior Tracker App

Autism Awareness Month brings us together in a warm embrace of understanding and acceptance. BEHCA, as an Autism Behavior Tracker App promotes inclusivity and fosters understanding within our diverse community. For families navigating the maze of autism, each day is…

Positive Behavior Intervention Plan

Supporting Mental Wellness: The Vital Role of A Positive Behavior Intervention Plan

A Positive Behavior Intervention Plan (PBIPs) is a personalized strategy designed to address challenging behaviors and promote positive outcomes for individuals facing mental health challenges. These plans are personalized to the unique needs and strengths of each individual, providing a…