Don’t just track behavior. Decode it.

We developed BEHCA to decode the language of behavior. With informed data, we are able to implement practices and supports that lead to a higher quality of life for those who experience challenging and complex worlds.


If you need more personal customized help and consultation, our Founder & CEO Torri Wright is available to:

  • Help families and children find success with nutrition, environment manipulation, schedules, academic, social and behavioral supports.
  • Create a bridge within the I.E.P. team – advocacy for families who are learning the process -  articulation and recommendations with state and federal law knowledge and understanding
  • Informed decision-making around intervention implementations – post 60+ days of data input within BEHCA -
  • Professional workshops
    • See Beyond Behavior – invisible disabilities and challenging behavior
    • Neurodiversity – a foundational understanding of our biodynamic world as humans and how this philosophy/practice can literally change how we see one another
    • Vibrational Communication – focusing on complex communication and the 90% of communication that is non-verbal; how we tap in and acknowledge the individual and what they are saying
    • Oregon Intervention System – State of Oregon certification workshop for crisis intervention supports



Torri has been invited to speak on the following topics: 

  • Neurodiversity – in corporations and beyond
    • PDXWIT (Portland, Women in Technology)
    • Foster home providers
  • Merging Practices with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness – State of Oregon initiative; piloted program Train the Trainer certification
  • Oregon ID/MI Summit – speaker, 2019
  • Guest lecturer Pacific University – Audiology Doctoral program ( 3 years)
  • Guest speaker – various high-schools
  • Foundations of 504 & IEP process/law - collaborations with families
  • NWPBIS (NW Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) Conference, 2019 and 2020

BEHCA Training

Torri can come to your organization or school to help you and your staff learn and manage behavior with: 

  • A foundation of See Beyond Behavior approaches, mixed with PBIS, trauma-informed, and person-centered practices.
  • Setting up the customized section with a personal walk-through of each section and assistance in increased observational awareness
  • Informed practices related to a variety of challenging behavior
  • Follow up on data analytics and supports with both reading data as well as ensuring the team is capturing the optimal information


Whether you are using BEHCA or hiring us for another service, we are excited for you to truly understand behavior, and where it’s coming from. You’ll have a completely different perspective on behavior, once you see it as a language that helps you be prepared with better, more proactive intervention strategies. Ultimately reducing the intensity and frequency of challenging behavior, improving the lives and wellbeing for everyone involved.

Decode behavior with us