Don’t just track behavior. Decode it.

The See Beyond Behavior Curriculum was developed to offer our audiences a deeper look into "how" decoding behavior can lead to more effective strategies and a higher quality of life for those we support.

See Beyond Behavior Curriculum

Staff Training Course Outline (8x - 4hour modules) - A foundation of See Beyond Behavior approaches, mixed with PBIS, trauma-informed, and person-centered practices

  • Communication and Bias
  • Challenging and Complex Behavior
  • Neurodiversity
  • Two-Part: Trauma Informed and Polyvagal theory
  • Relationships and Connections
  • Co-regulation
  • ‘Putting The Skills Into Practice’ Toolkit




Online trainings: general trainings that we provide only online

  • See Beyond Behavior
  • BEHCA Onboarding
  • Neurodiversity
  • Coming soon:
    • See Beyond Emotions
    • See Beyond Parenting

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Torri has been invited to speak on the following topics:

  • See Beyond Behavior
    • Webinar series
    • Conferences
    • Educational Training
    • Agency Training
  • Neurodiversity – in corporations and multiple agencies
  • Merging Practices with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness – State of Oregon initiative; piloted program Train the Trainer certification
  • Oregon ID/MI Summit – speaker, 2019
  • Guest lecturer Pacific University – Audiology Doctoral program ( 3 years)
  • Guest speaker – various high-schools
  • NWPBIS (NW Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) Conference, 2019 and 2020



Need more customized help or consultation? Our Founder & CEO Torri Wright is available to:

  • Refine success with nutrition, environment manipulation, schedules, academic progress, social and behavioral supports
  • Build a bridge between home and school while navigating challenging IEP meetings and strained school to home relations
  • Gain new insights around intervention implementations
  • Professional workshops:
    • See Beyond Behavior – invisible disabilities and challenging behavior
    • Neurodiversity – a foundational understanding of our biodynamic world as humans and how this philosophy/practice can literally change how we see one another
    • Vibrational Communication – focusing on complex communication and the 90% of communication that is non-verbal; how we tap in and acknowledge the individual and what they are saying
    • Oregon Intervention System – State of Oregon certification workshop for crisis intervention supports



I would recommend this to everyone. That the behavior is the language of the child. Every teacher, every administrator, every social worker, everyone who works in a juvenile facility, every Boys and Girls Club volunteer, every foster parent applicant, every foster parent. Anyone who will be dealing with children in their lives.

This training is very impactful and real! There are so many facets to the training that can be applied daily, in any setting, age group, or ability spectrum. I was reminded why I love education and it gave me some new perspectives to apply daily in my classroom. The sessions are very collaborative and Torri is a wealth of knowledge & experience. She is willing to share and facilitate in such a real way. I would highly recommend this for all educators and even parents.

[The Workshop] was REAL & it was APPLICABLE! Being real-life scenarios and not just some "exercises" to go through that were not helpful or that could not be easily applied on a daily basis. It applied across all ages, stages, and abilities. Often the trainings don't apply to my type of program or to me as a para.

- Multiple workshop participants


Whether you are using the BEHCA app or hiring us for another service, we are excited for you to truly understand behavior, and where it’s coming from. You’ll have a completely different perspective on behavior, once you see it as a language that helps you be prepared with better, more proactive intervention strategies. 

Decode behavior with us