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The ease of use for this product is amazing. The option to customize just what you need makes data entry faster. This gives you more time working with the individual, not sitting behind a keyboard. The customizability also lets the product grow with your needs. We switched [to BEHCA] because of all the time we saved!

Dr Jessica L

Forensic Psychologist
I love being able to see all the ups and downs of our residents' behavior, as well as the strategies used by staff around those behaviors. It is truly person-centered, showing their entire day. Not JUST the negative behaviors like many other behavior-tracking programs.

Justine L

House Manager
Helpful for every moment. I prefer this over therap. Tracking both positive and negative behavior support.

Tammie G

I like that the app is portable and I can have multiple people on the app taking data on different students.

Vicki J

SPED Teacher
I am absolutely enthralled with this application. It is so person centered and clearly paints a picture of the days our residents have. Never in my career have I used a program so well designed for behavior tracking.

Scout K

House Manager
Super easy to use, very organized, and mobile!

Cody S

It's helpful to be able to track behaviors in real time and have all the data in one place.

Kai L

School Psychologist
This program makes it very easy to see trends in how students behave and work within our system. This program has helped us show students and their parents the behavior trends that the student demonstrates throughout the day.

Ian Y

School Principal
BEHCA has had an absolute positive impact on our entire family. We were so busy before BEHCA, trying to just handle escalations, we were missing vital information. BEHCA has given us the opportunity to see trends, patterns, and outside influences that we were unable to track before. I knew that we wanted to see patterns, but before BEHCA it was just too much to add to our already long daily to-do list. With BEHCA our process is so much easier! The impact that this software has had for us is priceless. BEHCA has also proven to be a highly valuable tool for IEP meetings, therapist sessions, as well as many other educational and professional settings. BEHCA is hands-down THE best app that we have ever used to track data for our special needs child.

Jessica L

The analytics aspect is huge in my group home.

Scout K

House Manager
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