Build relationships and see beyond behavior.

Helping students thrive is a teacher's number one objective. When kids are unhappy and emotionally dysregulated this creates discord and concern within the classroom and the relationship between peers and staff with the student. When this dysregulation leads to self-harm or physical violence/behavior towards others, the human reaction is to make it stop now! But how? Tracking behavior adds a layer of stress, particularly when the system is not efficient or capturing meaningful information. Sometimes this data is legally required, making the urgency even higher, yet the solutions are often limited and clunky.

BEHCA is the better way

BEHCA was designed by a Special Education teacher and parent that understands your frustrations. Not only does BEHCA provide a more efficient way of collecting information and data, the system provides a platform of discovery into the viewpoint of each student needing customized support. BEHCA decodes the language or their behavior, through a dashboard of analytics outlining trends, influences and patterns of each student. Capturing the essence of the individuals world, to better inform our practices with interventions and strategies. 

Respond proactively, not reactively

The tracking app prompts you to track other variables in their environment, and then correlate those factors to their behaviors. This allows you to make highly informed and effective decisions regarding interventions. By rethinking and/or retraining how we capture data, we become proactive in knowing when behaviors are building; making space for interventions to be in place before the crisis or dysregulation. BEHCA helps us become effectively responsive, as we have information to support our next steps

Collaboration is key

Communication between school and home can be arduous, as perspectives between environments can be vastly different. BEHCA is intentionally, a collaborative tool, offering a substitute for daily logs, emails or communications between teacher and home. The platform encourages you to invite all adults supporting the student as well as parents – removing subjective messages and gaining consistency in both language and communications. BEHCA was designed to be user friendly and accessible on any device, increasing usability. 

Substitute MAR (Medication Administration Records) analog collection for a 21st century tool

Administering medications can be tricky and require a careful eye as well as tedious tracking, BEHCA ensures everything is documented properly. You can rely on the data as dependable and accurate – BEHCA provides push notifications as reminders and to help stay on track. 

Higher efficacy for all partners

BEHCA makes it easy for you to present this data to teams or your supervisor, so you can all see a clear and accurate picture of the behavior, and get on the same page with what’s working and what’s not. The data is assimilated together for you in the form of various graphs and charts of your choice. BEHCA is in alignment with PBIS, trauma informed care, and several best-practice approaches. The collaboration allows for the entire team to view and provide input.

Feel joy in the classroom again

BEHCA, begins to tell a story of each student and understand where they are struggling, allowing us to feel more confident in how we support. Gaining an understanding of what the behavior is communicating offers immeasurable insight.  With better communication comes a deeper connection, and reduced reactive relationship, most often resulting in dysregulated situations. 

Keep on track with BEHCA