Track behavior and medication simply and accurately.

In a world of paperwork and oversight, we can all agree having something more efficient would be a big win. BEHCA not only streamlines our daily tasks of collecting progress notes, administering medications and Incident Reporting, this platform decreases our time and efforts, offers a way to provide less human error and create a system that becomes a liability of risk minimizer. Any analog system leaves a large margin for human error and oversight. BEHCA provides a real-time tool that minimizes risk of being written up by state agencies.

BEHCA is the better way

BEHCA was designed by a behavior analyst and Special Education teacher, who also has a parent view that understands your need for accurate data collection and oversight on medication administration and incident reports. You can rely on the data as it is customized to each individual and shows up in real time, making it more dependable and precise. Staff collaboration can happen within BEHCA, rather than in front of or near residents - increasing confidentiality and respecting the individuals dignity - BEHCA is in alignment with person-centered practices and PBIS, satisfying licensing regulations to keep your facility open and operating smoothly. This includes backend encryption along with the app itself being HIPA compliant. 

Understand it, and respond better

Behavioral challenges within community living situations can be incredibly complicated while also contributing to the highest level of stress within a home. BEHCA helps you see that their behavior is simply a language, Not only does it make it easier to track the behavior, it also prompts you to track other variables in their environment. Then BEHCA correlates those factors to their behaviors, so you’ll finally understand what their behavior is telling you, allowing you to make effective decisions on your intervention strategy.

Based on evidence

BEHCA makes it easy for you to see a clear and accurate picture of the behavior, to determine what’s working and what’s not. This data is assimilated together for you in the form of various graphs and charts, so you have a variety of ways to see and interpret the data, pulling trends and patterns. The dashboard offers an elegant view, reducing guess work and misunderstandings, most often resulting in crisis. BEHCA is customizable, providing an inside look into the individuals world, while increasing our understanding of the purpose of the behavior – what they are gaining – and how we can better support them.

Improve tracking together

As a business owner and facilitator of individuals experiencing complex worlds, this part of the job can become overwhelming. BEHCA is collaborative, increasing the team effort, broadening the viewpoints and observations. This ensures the tracking is more complete and accurate and gives the team a more clear picture of what’s going on. BEHCA is designed to be user-friendly and requires minimal time to input data - approximately 5-10 minutes 2 or 3 times per day – depending on the scenario or complexity this time-frame may be a bit more or less.

Increase dignity and quality of living

BEHCA informs, resulting in a reduction of the intensity and duration of challenging behavior, and prepares you to respond if it returns or changes. Your perspective shifts as the observations begin to widen and encourages a look into external influencers that are impacting behavior. Shifting perspectives and having a tool that leads to more informed practices results in an increase of quality of life for both residence and staff, reducing staff turnover and escalated incidents. 

Keep on track with BEHCA