Share and simplify mandatory tasks online

Decode behavior and manage mandatory daily tasks: medication administration reporting, incident reports, and progress notes. BEHCA provides an online platform with notifications, reducing human error and oversight, often resulting in liability risk.


Medication Administration Records

Take your MAR medication tracking online using a structure designed around federally mandated forms. Know who administered a medication, when it was administered, whether it was given, skipped, or refused, and the outcome/effectiveness. Instantly know what the medication is provided for and any potential side effects support teams should know. Count narcotics when required by state law.


Incident Reporting

Save time and collaboratively author Incident Reports with your team. Use an online drawing tool to indicate where an injury occurred, or upload photos of the incident if you prefer. Automatically send notifications to supervisors or administration to review and sign before reports are finalized. Download as a PDF once complete. 


Decode the language of behavior

Behavior is a way to communicate different needs, wants, and desires. With BEHCA we begin to observe various meanings through identifying trends and patterns with long-term data collection. BEHCA provides discovery into the viewpoint of each individual needing customized support. 


Informed reporting

BEHCA provides comparative analysis resulting in evidence-based decision making for interventions and strategies. All required monthly progress notes are easily downloadable in PDF and printable for hard-copy submission.


Person-centered collaboration

Communication between staff, outside programs, and all related support professionals can be arduous, as perspectives between environments can be vastly different. BEHCA is intentionally a collaborative tool, offering a substitute for daily logs, emails, or communications between environments. 


Assessments and insight

BEHCA makes it easy for you to present data at team meetings or annual reviews. Having a clear and accurate picture of the analytics tells the purpose of the behavior and insight into the individual's unique way of experiencing the world. This data informs FBAs, PBSPs, and Person-centered plan development and goal setting. BEHCA later helps us track our progress in developing new skills and meeting goals.

Increase dignity and quality of living

With the time saved by using BEHCA's online platform, we open more possibilities for deeper connections and meaningful relationships. When we understand how a person is experiencing the world, we begin to see why the behavior exists. Through gained insight, we build better plans reducing the behavior and intervention time.


Keep on track with BEHCA