Get back quality time with your family

Tracking behaviors consistently can be a struggle when you can barely deal with the constant waves of challenging behavior. Behaviors often change and have various ebbs and flows, which can be exhausting to understand how to support. We all want to do what's best for our children and experience a sense of harmony within our homes.


Decode the language of behavior

Behavior is a way to communicate different needs, wants, and desires. With BEHCA we begin to observe various meanings through identifying trends and patterns with long-term data collection.


Analytics tell the story

BEHCA offers a comparative analysis, looking at all variables influencing behavior. The dashboard provides graphs and trending behavior patterns that help qualify the efficiency of interventions and strategies.


Invite others to collaborate

BEHCA is designed to be collaborative, allowing you to invite others to observe and track as well. This might include teachers, in-home care providers, or other support professionals.


Provide informed documentation

Analytics provide a clear picture of medication side-effects and/or improvement of behavior with the use of medication. Data informs and justifies correlations between environment and behavior, resulting in better interventions, increasing quality of life for the individual.

Reconnect with your family

BEHCA was built to provide a better, more accurate view into a person's world who otherwise may not have the ability to articulate themselves. When we gain perspective through the lens of another person, we begin to understand the unique way that person experiences the world. Having this level of insight increases our connection to that person while improving their sense of belonging and overall quality of life.


Keep on track with BEHCA