See Beyond Behavior Webinar Series

Join us to learn, connect, and see beyond behavior. You’ll get access to a wealth of information from Torri Wright: Author of See Beyond Behavior, Podcast host, and Founder & CEO of BEHCA


Challenging and Complex Behavior

Wednesday April 22 at 11:30am PST

How do we survive the tough days? Particularly now, with kids out of school and being asked to work/teach/clean and stay sane while doing so.

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of the behavior is really about?

Do you notice yourself getting super agitated over a repetitive behavior and wish you could make it go away? Or find yourself extra sensitive/impatient during these times?

What if these answers could be found by diving into the narrative behind the language of behavior? In this episode we dive into several different behaviors that can be both complex and challenging and what they serve for the individual, how we can support them in finding new ways to meet that need with a different behavior, and shifting how we see the person based on what we discover.



Bias and Communication

Wednesday April 29 at 11:30am PST

How do we impose our limited perspectives and fail to see beyond our own bias?

Do you find yourself reacting to situations you wish you had better strategies for? Maybe even strong opinions – where did they come from – about all that is happening in the world.

Do you ever think about how others form their opinions, influencing how they communicate?

How aware are you of your own bias?

In this episode we break down our foundational development of biases, values and core beliefs, we begin to open a door to understanding how others may see us. Reflection and self-accountability is the fundamental step towards building skills as a co-regulator (someone who can help others feel safe/secure/calm/regulate).




Wednesday May 6 at 11:30am PST

Ever wonder why other personalities are so hard to understand?

Have you experienced a tough relationship and decided it was just a personality conflict? Or spoken about that person/child as someone difficult to be around?

In this episode we talk about how one brain works versus another and why this becomes the foundation for disconnect, miscommunication and otherwise any discord. And particularly related to all that is going on today; how each of us are reacting so differently, yet we have such strong thoughts around this too.



Trauma-informed and the Polyvagal Theory (Part 1)

Wednesday May 13 at 11:30am PST

What does trauma-informed really mean and why has it become such a big buzz word?

Does your body know before your brain or does your brain tell your body how to respond? Debunking what science has theorized for several decades.

In this episode we will be breaking down the science of the body/brain and how this shows up in behavior. We will begin to talk about the Polyvagal theory and how this explains the physio-psychology (our bodies response to environmental stimulus) of how our body is receiving information to then feed our brain, resulting in an emotional reaction.



Trauma-informed and the Polyvagal Theory (Part 2)

Wednesday May 20 at 11:30am PST

How well do you know your body's reactions and how connected are you when they first start?

Changing the language we use around body-awareness can help us tangibly connect reactions and emotions; providing a deeper understanding/awareness to where emotions are coming from and why

In this second portion we dive into making connections, mapping our own nervous system and tools to help others do the same. Today, we could all benefit from this and gain more tools. Reminders are always welcomed.




Wednesday May 27 at 2:00pm PST

What does it mean to be a Co-Regulator, especially at a time when we are maxed out, being asked to do what feels impossible and not knowing anything is certain?

What do we really have control of?

In this episode we dive into how to Co-Regulate while we are all undergoing stressful and traumatic times. This section dives into what this looks like, tools to help us get through and offer up in the way of supporting those we care for.



Relationships - Connection - Sense of Belonging - Empowerment

Wednesday June 3 at 11:30am PST

Do you feel empowered as a parent, professional, partner, person in the community?

Do you have relationships and connections that inspire you and keep you motivated?

In this episode we dive into how basic human needs, require connection/sense of belonging and a feeling of empowerment. When this is missing, relationships are rocky and behaviors become complex. How can this be achieved when there are struggles or disconnects?



Bringing the Toolkit to Life

Wednesday June 10 at 11:30am PST

Have you ever taken a workshop and felt inspired, but fell flat when trying to implement or know how to adjust?

In this final episode we will go through a few scenarios and have time to discuss with the audience, specific situations and apply what we have learned, in real-time.


Whether you are using BEHCA or hiring us for another service, we are excited for you to truly understand behavior, and where it’s coming from. You’ll have a completely different perspective on behavior, once you see it as a language that helps you be prepared with better, more proactive intervention strategies. 

Decode behavior with us