Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Our data infrastructure is hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure with bank-level security. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Does the app work on my desktop, tablet, or phone?

Yes - all of them! BEHCA is a responsive web-based app, which means it works on anything from a desktop computer to a mobile device. We also offer an Android app and will soon have an iOS app, but they are essentially a simplified version of the website.

Who is BEHCA for?

BEHCA is for any family, agency, organization, home or any place supporting another person who expresses or experiences challenging or complex behavior. This may include individuals who experience life with a disability, individuals who struggle with developing skills, individuals who may receive the influencers within the environment around them as painful/agitating/difficult to process, or young children who are expressing more challenging behaviors without any disability or otherwise specified reason.

BEHCA is a tool that allows and encourages reflection, analyzing of influencing factors throughout our day and a view into potential patterns impacting the overall quality of life of those we love and support. This tool was designed with the idea of creating a simple tool that can be fully customizable, while tracking and analyzing at a complex level. We feel this tool could positively influence anyone who uses it, as the goal is to become more aware and reflective of the relationships between health, environment and overall reactions/responses to such information.

How can I share BEHCA with our child's teacher, behavior consultant, etc?

The best part of data tracking in BEHCA is inviting others to play a part in it, providing a complete picture of a person's day. Choose the Observable Profile you would like to share and go to the Profile page, and click on the Sharing tab. From there you can add the email addresses of any other partners or providers who could provide valuable insight into that person's day.

What does BEHCA stand for?

BEHCA is an acronym for Behavior Environment Health Comparative Analysis.

Is an Internet connection required?

Yes, it is. In order to keep the data syncronized on all devices for all shared users at all times, data must be saved to our servers online.

If my child has an account through his school and he moves to another school, can that account be transferred?

Yes, your child's data can be transferred to your own personal account, or another account owned by the new school.

Where do we track positive behaviors?

The entire observable person's profile is customizable, therefore you can certainly flip any of the behavior tracking to be positive or challenging. That is entirely up to you and those supporting the person being observed or tracked. We feel strongly the positive behavior should be tracked equally if not more than challenging behavior, as this should be focused upon. One way you could look at both is to put into the profile the challenging behaviors and in the Communication/Social Interactions section add things like: positive interaction, responded successfully, initiated conversations, able to regulate frustrations, used strategies in social situation, etc. This is all dependent upon the individual and what their world looks like. As we observe and try to make guesses, we have to step way back and look at both the micro and macro, to find the little things we may have missed.

How can I export my data?

Data exporting will be available in Q1 2018 and will allow you to export all data you have tracked from the date that you created your account.

Is BEHCA HIPPA compliant?

While we are not storing the type of data that HIPPA compliance specifically relates to, we follow the same stringent security standards and therefore are compliant. Your personal data is never shared with anyone beyond the people you invite. Ever.

Is there a support community for BEHCA users?

Yes there is! We invite you to join our Facebook Group to ask questions and participate with others on the platform.

If I upgrade my plan, do I have to pay the full upgrade cost?

No, your bill will be prorated to include a discount for the amount you have already paid for your current plan subscription.