Shifting Perspectives on Poverty and Behavior

Expert Guest: Dr. Donna Beegle, Communications Across Barriers

Shifting Perspectives on Poverty and Behavior

by Torri Wright | May 29th, 2019


Did you know that in the United States, 1 in 5 children grow up in poverty? Now imagine being poor and/or homeless, and caring for a child with a developmental disability. Joined by poverty expert, international speaker, and author Dr. Donna Beegle, this episode explores the links between poverty and behavior, challenging our perceptions.

Throughout her career, Dr. Beegle has worked hard to shift perspectives around poverty; urging everyone to look beyond the surface and understand there is a culture, system structures, and common variables, creating recurring barriers that keep people from pulling themselves out of poverty.

Torri and Dr. Beegle also discuss the See Beyond Behavior approach, leading the conversation through a look at correlations and the different lenses we look through, based on our biases and life experiences.

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