End the Stigma: Autism and Cannabis

Torri talks with Rhonda Moeller about her efforts with WPA4A to end the stigma of cannabis use for autism

End the Stigma: Autism and Cannabis

by Torri Wright | March 10th, 2020


Torri interviews Rhonda Moeller, co-founder of the nonprofit organization WPA4A (Whole Plant Access for Autism). WPA4A is focused on educating families and medical cannabis industry professionals about the science behind & benefits of cannabis for autism, while also helping families understand the complexities of using cannabis as medicine. Because of this, WPA4A has grown to be an amazing support group, giving a place for families to share access to information and connect on just about anything autism-related.

Cannabis as medicine has the potential to raise the quality of life for everyone involved. For Rhonda’s family, their lives changed overnight once they found a solution for behavior challenges that really worked. It has become her goal and mission to help families learn how to use it, why it’s useful, and its long-term benefits. Real life success stories shared by families across the nation keep the momentum going to see more progress, and provide powerful insight & information for other families. It is clear to Rhonda that when a child does better, the whole family does better.

Learn about the “entourage effect” and research from Dr. Ethan Russo that explains how cannabis compounds work together to provide more benefits and effectiveness. Another nonprofit education group doing work to end the stigma is MAMMA (Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism), and their goals directly correlate with the work of WPA4A.

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