Coming to Terms: Neurodiversity

Coming to Terms: Neurodiversity

by Torri Wright | March 25th, 2019


Coming to Terms are shorter bonus episodes to help define and demystify the unique language of the behavior space.

In this episode, Torri covers Neurodiversity; a concept where neurological differences (e.g., how we think and process information) are to be acknowledged and respected as any other human variation.

These differences can include a wide variety of labels/diagnoses; ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, Down Syndrome, PTSD, and many more. The goal in both acknowledging and discussing these differences is see how different perspectives are formed and how another person “thinks,” offering new insights and ways to solve problems.

We all have something unique to contribute in this world of many differences; inquisitive, active, and respectful listening can allow us the opportunity to learn from one another; rather than insist that one's own personal way is the only way.

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