A Chat with the Founders of BEHCA

Torri interviews Michael Krol about the app development of BEHCA

A Chat with the Founders of BEHCA

by Torri Wright | January 24th, 2020


Learn more about the founders of BEHCA, Torri Wright & Michael Krol, as they talk about the development of BEHCA. This process opened their eyes to learning more about each other's worlds and the fascinating discoveries of human behavior.

Michael and his team are the genius behind the application design and development. His attention to detail & level of care becomes apparent in the user-friendly design-- showing the evidence of his own neurodiversity.

When talking about his experience collaborating on the development of BEHCA, Michael says, “it has become a labor of love because I’ve seen how much it has impacted my own personal life and the way I communicate & understand those that I serve and parent.”

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